Jérôme, your artisan crepe maker, is here to serve you. I will give you a brief history of La Crêperie du Marché. My passion goes back to when I was just a child, when my mother used to prepare, with lots of love, her delicious crepes which she would stack on the table, where her three sons awaited... I also remember vacation time in Brittany, home of the crepe, where we never missed the many opportunities to satisfy our cravings! Then when I was studying, as well as when I finished learning the trade of ‘garçon’ in a café, I started working at La Crêperie de Josselin, in Paris, where Marie-Thérèse (my second mother in the art of cooking and making crepes... a real mother to all who know her!) taught me everything she knew, her art and all the passion that came with it. A few years later, I decided to move to Canada, in Ste-Adèle (a lovely town in the Laurentians), in the province of Quebec. By chance or by coincidence, I acquired the house of a crepe maker who had lived in it for 20 years. The same person who had opened the first Breton crepe restaurant in Quebec, in 1957... My destiny continued to evolve, to the point of occupying a choice spot at the heart of the Jean-Talon Market, in the Little Italy part of Montreal. I operate my creperie restaurant seven days a week since 2005.

Next year 2011 will be also use to open the second Crêperie du Marché at the heart of the new public place of Atwater market.